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Susie Arnett

Doug Kim, photographer

Susie Arnett, Producer
Susie Arnett came up with the idea for Yoga Baby while watching her son, Ely, grow up.  She noticed that at every stage of development, he would do a different yoga pose.  Amazed, she asked her friends and neighbors if their babies were also doing this.  And they were!  Prior to becoming Ely’s mom, Susie was a television producer and development executive in New York and Los Angeles.  She has worked for MTV, Lifetime, Warner Brothers, and USA.

Doug Kim, Photographer
Doug Kim is a documentary and fine art photographer based in Los Angeles, California. His camera has enabled him to travel to foreign locales such as Hanoi, Bangkok, Seoul, Beijing and Mexico. His work has appeared in numerous magazines and publications, several group shows and his first solo exhibit in 2003.


doug kim's portfolio

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